Return of the Rudeboy

Last week, Chez and I went down to Somerset House for the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition, curated by photographer Dean Chalkley and creative director Harris Elliot.

I walked along Waterloo Bridge (not the prettiest bridge in London but it has some of my favourite views in the whole of the city) to meet Cherish.

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Somerset House is an absolute beauty - worth coming down just to admire the pretty building. I will probably stalk/blag/creep my way through London Fashion Week soon if I'm brave enough...
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The exhibition itself was so well laid and with cool photos and even a barber shop!

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The 'Rudeboy' look originating from the Jamaican immigrants of the mid-twentieth century is typified by tailoring, good shoes and a rebel edge. The look has expanded over the years to include biker jackets, trainers, bright accessories, wayfarer style sunglasses as hip hop and mod styles merge to create even more of a unique look.
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I fell in love with the Rudeboy look as you can imagine, and I was able to see how it had influenced my style without me even knowing. My smart, masculine shoes, biker and a shirt are staples in my closet and I'm partial to a bit of tailoring - my double-breasted Zara jacket gets a lot of wear as do my tapered trousers.
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Chez and I loved it. Sadly, the exhibition is over now (sorry), but the gift shop is still selling all kinds of goodies from the show (yay!).

- J x

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