Summer Memories

Hot off the steam of doing a training course in Final Cut Pro at work, I decided to pick up where I left off editing little bits of video I captured during mine and Cherish's summer in Berlin. Stupidly, I was a little intimidated by video editing, shooting, publishing my pictures etc etc because I enjoy coming up with ideas and creating stuff and thinking of a million reasons why I should keep them to myself. Silly me.

Some of the footage is so bloody shaky, I got positively seasick from watching it, but I actually enjoyed the editing process. I originally settled to work at it for a few hours, but I ended up burning my retinas well into the night, as I just couldn't stand to leave it unfinished.

Now I've done this, I might crack on with the 12673 million hours of video I have on my laptop...



Music | Soundcloud Playlist

I've been in a holiday season-induced rut of late, which has meant staying indoors, vegging out and not doing anything remotely exciting. Of course, this isn't totally my fault, as most things shut down over Christmas and my bank account has been totally drained of its paltry reserves due to compulsory sales shopping present-giving. I'm currently mourning the ending of the half-price Prosecco deal at Tescos, and times when eating 17839 mini chocolates before lunch was totally appropriate.

Mooch with me, if you will to another dis-jointed playlist of my favourite songs on my Soundcloud radar right now.


Spoils of War

Well, not really spoils of war, to be honest. I shopped the sales from the comfort of my bed, mug of herbal tea in and toes crossed that my cards wouldn't be declined. I must admit, I am pleased with this mini-haul. It's sensible, it's right on the money in terms of my asthetic and it's mostly of good quality (for the high street anyways). My mother nearly shed tears when I unveiled the stilettos. "Oh, FINALLY, some proper lady like shoes! This is what I'm talking about... the other day I went into your room, looked at all your shoes and thought: these are all so big and... ugly".

My mother, ladies and ladettes.

Asos Leather Trousers & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories Weekday Jacket Uniqlo Silk Dress Uniqlo Silk Dress

1. Asos shirt, and leather trousers, with Topshop heels
2. & Other Stories rings and leather coin pouch/most pretentious Oyster Card holder you have ever seen in your damn life. I regret nothing.
3. MTWTFSS Weekday Jacket
4. Uniqlo silk dress