Summer Memories

Hot off the steam of doing a training course in Final Cut Pro at work, I decided to pick up where I left off editing little bits of video I captured during mine and Cherish's summer in Berlin. Stupidly, I was a little intimidated by video editing, shooting, publishing my pictures etc etc because I enjoy coming up with ideas and creating stuff and thinking of a million reasons why I should keep them to myself. Silly me.

Some of the footage is so bloody shaky, I got positively seasick from watching it, but I actually enjoyed the editing process. I originally settled to work at it for a few hours, but I ended up burning my retinas well into the night, as I just couldn't stand to leave it unfinished.

Now I've done this, I might crack on with the 12673 million hours of video I have on my laptop...



  1. love the track, who is it?! also more vids please

    1. Hey love, sorry I replied so late, I've been in a hole! The song is here: https://soundcloud.com/amtrac/when-will-i-see-you-again-amtrac-remix?in=jacquie-otag/sets/chai-tea-with-2-sugars

      Thanks gurrl xxxx <3