Spoils of War

Well, not really spoils of war, to be honest. I shopped the sales from the comfort of my bed, mug of herbal tea in and toes crossed that my cards wouldn't be declined. I must admit, I am pleased with this mini-haul. It's sensible, it's right on the money in terms of my asthetic and it's mostly of good quality (for the high street anyways). My mother nearly shed tears when I unveiled the stilettos. "Oh, FINALLY, some proper lady like shoes! This is what I'm talking about... the other day I went into your room, looked at all your shoes and thought: these are all so big and... ugly".

My mother, ladies and ladettes.

Asos Leather Trousers & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories & Other Stories Weekday Jacket Uniqlo Silk Dress Uniqlo Silk Dress

1. Asos shirt, and leather trousers, with Topshop heels
2. & Other Stories rings and leather coin pouch/most pretentious Oyster Card holder you have ever seen in your damn life. I regret nothing.
3. MTWTFSS Weekday Jacket
4. Uniqlo silk dress


  1. Your mother is a legend.

    And I love that cardholder, want one just like it.

  2. i do love big ugly shoes. It creates a nice balance with the super girly stuff i sometimes like to wear