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So I've been feeling so under the weather I've practically been moving about on my hands and knees. Work is incredible (as usual) but it's the bits in between I'm finding a bit hard... but it's nothing netflix and ice cream can't fix.

On another note, something I'm pretty darn pleased about is what I wear. I don't like to obsess over it too much, but I find that aiming for style has greatly improved the way I shop. I've always loved clothes, but since I was about 18 years old, I used to shop like a maniac - it's a pink tutu with green pom poms for a fiver !??!! I've GOT to buy it !!! - which meant my wardrobe became loaded with shite. Coupled with usual teenage concern about whether I was attractive/why I didn't look like that girl, she's beaut/why I looked like an undeveloped ogre alongside my peers, I hopped from trend to trend, going against the grain of what I was really comfortable in. I grew up (thankfully) and started buying quality over quantity and minding less about what other thought.

That being said, here is a paltry offering of some of my outfits over the past few weeks, which do not reflect the fact that I pretty much live in jeans, a white button down shirt, ankle boots and my biker jacket because apparently I have 28 year old male living inside of me. That reads all wrong, but then I also have the mental maturity of a prepubescent schoolboy. 

Also, shout out to winters in the North Hemisphere, serving us precisely 30 seconds of sunshine a day and gifting us with next to no lighting for indoor photos.

Outfit P1015550

Outfit 1: Monki Mongolian Fur Jacket, Topshop Skinnies, Dr Martens, MTWTFSS Weekday Tote
Outfit 2: All Saints biker, Urban Outfitters Shirt, Topshop Boutique jeans, Pieces boots

Jacquie xxx

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