Because Sometimes, You Just Need to Say It Out Loud

For the days that seem to drag on longer than the will-they-won't-they storyline between Ross and Rachael, and cause more physical pain than performing a bikini wax on yourself in the dark, music is always there for me to fall back on to cheer up. Recently, whilst my iPod was on shuffle (I had to skip about 156 songs before I found anything decent) I stumbled on what is arguably one of the best rap verses in recent times: Nicki Minaj's rap on Monster. Then I thought, hey why don't I write about my favourite verses/songs by female rappers? So, here I am, writing about it. Then this got me thinking about other rap verses from the fairer sex that get me all riled up and ready to take on the world
  • Now before you screw up your face and press the little 'x' in the corner, wait a sec. The verse initially starts with the generic hip hop boasting of wealth (Pull up in the monster automobile gangster) but then quickly shifts to 'Okay first things first, I'll eat ya brains' which is where I completely lose my shit and all sense of decorum. I'm proud to say I know 95% of the lines to this self-praising, rival-bashing absolute slayage of a verse. In a genre where women find it hard to get the same credits as their male counterparts (literally could write a dissertation on this and still would not be satisfied) it's great to have good ol' Nicki doing it for the girls on a track featuring some on the biggest male artists in music.

  • Next up, the original Queen Bee, self-proclaimed Black Barbie and the epitome of everything grotesquely decadent about 90s/00s rap - Lil Kim. Personally, I'm bored of the reptitive tweets and poorly written memes about her present face - yeah, okay she's had work done WE GET IT - and I'd rather like to dwell on the selactious rapper that I watched on cable whilst growing up. No Matter What They Say is unashamed; boasting of her wealth and notoriety this is definitely one for the girls to get crunk to. She pirouttes in multiple wigs of different colours, literally flashes her cash at the screen admitting 'if I was you, I'd hate me too'. 

  • As for my last on the list, I really really wish her social media manager would, you know, manage her social media. She's gotten herself into bargain bin loads of trouble with some of the biggest names in the game such as ASAP Rocky, Rita Ora, Iggy Azaela, T.I not to mention a very public dispute with her record label. That's right, it's the sugar-sweet Azealia Banks. But before all that YUNG RAPUNXEL shite and the Twitter trolling, Miss Banks was bolshy teen from Brooklyn with a potty mouth, the perfect contrast to her fresh-outta-high-school look. For L8r, Azealia delivers her measured rap from what seems like the most blipster pool party ever. This song has me serving brutal honesty and a 'mi nuh care' attitude, after all, 'if it ain't about a dollar, Imma holla atcha later'.

These are the three I've managed to remember (it's 11.25pm as I write this. I should probably be doing the intelligent thing and be sleeping, but how's that any fun?) but these songs have a very special place in my sub-conscious. If ever you're feeling like you need a self-esteem boost, I can guarantee you that listening to these tracks on a loop will help you just a little bit. Enough for you to want to take on the world in a blue wig and stilettos.

For those reading, who think I'm wrong:

Ta x


Food | Bukowski

Of late, I've been consciously breaking out of being a 'Lazy Londoner': sticking only to restaurants bars and shops that I know.  So I ventured to the much talked about Brixton Village with mon chere amie for after work dinner and gripes. I won't lie, I found it strange to be in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London, yet I was sat down and surrounded by a pretty narrow demographic of people... but that's for another post, eh?

We dined at Bukowski which as all dim lighting and loud music. Chezza ordered a burger which I can't recall the name of but consisted of a fried egg, minced avocado, cheese and a medium to well beef patty. That pretty much stole the show - I ordered beef ribs accidentally (I thought I'd be getting pork ones) and I'm sad to say I did regret it. I'm not the biggest lover of red meat, so I found the beef dry and a repetitive after a bit. I saved it with embarrassing amounts of sauce left for us on the table and the Tobacco Onions (Thinly sliced onions floured, sprinkled with our spice mix, and fried). The chilli cheese fries were also a pleasure.

On the whole, I totally recommend it - the prices were decent (about £25 including wine, main and a 'spiked' milkshake and they don't do dessert). They have a branches in Shoreditch and in Brixton Village, so pop down if you want some good grub.



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ALL Saints Biker, Topshop Trousers and shirt, & Other Stories bag and Weekday Shawl

It's been raining all week, but I'm actually not tired it of it (yet). Something about the stark, grey chill that kicks in that 'new start' feeling of autumn. Thinking about it, I loved 'Back to School' season; popping to WH Smith's to get my new stationary for the year (the classy shit, no Playboy folders out here) and a brand spanking new uniform.

I guess I'll never grow out of loving that feeling... neither will I get over feeling the need to buy more clobber come autumn - can I blame that Back to School feeling for my most recent online purchase(s). Yes? Okay. Brilliant.



First day back in the office after a week of training and it almost feels as though I'm starting again...? It's in a good way though: less lumbering around the building like a lost, blind, one-legged baby deer in a shark tank, more awkward baby giraffe galloping determinedly across the Savannah.

Baby giraffe > One-legged, blind baby deer.

No offence to any baby deer lovers reading this. It's just a metaphor, m'kay?


Travel | Manchester

Manchester Manchester Manchester

So, this London-Centric Southern Softie has arrived in one of the most happening cities in the UK - Manchester. I've only been able to see the city from the tram, but from what I have seen, it seems like home away from home.


Awesome Things Online: September '14

September was a good month for the girls - I read and watched a lot of good stuff created by badass young women:
Check 'em out x


This Week

2014-10-03 01.54.56 4
2014-10-03 01.28.24 4

1&2 Me, before work on my second day wearing a crinkled blouse. I HATE ironing 3 the sexiest salad ever from Leon 4 Last of the autumn sunshine

First week of my internship down! How did it go? Well, everyone is really good. And really smart. And really bloody on the ball. I feel an absolute imposter in all honesty - most times feeling (and probably appearing) as though I just wandered in absent-mindedly off the street. My dress code is all about Doing Entirely the Absolute Least, which sometimes means I think very little about the, er, appropriateness of what I'm wearing. This can vary between donning a grey t shirt, Dr Martens and my biker, to neon pink trousers and heels.

Still, it seems I've managed to trick everyone on my team that I actually have more than one brain cell and am capable of doing serious work (gasp!). I get to bury my head in history books all day, researching, occasionally popping up to unapologetically wade into office banter and private jokes. I cannot wait to pull the wool over their eyes further and do other cool stuff.


Dining | Lutong Pinoy

I have a terrible, terrible habit. That habit being, no matter what I order to eat when at a restaurant/food market/pop up stall/any other achingly hipster eating outlet, if I'm with another person, I WILL eat their food (poor sod). Maybe it's being raised as an only child, but I cannot cope with watching someone enjoy something without wanting to wade in head first and join ... it's beyond food envy and is probably (definitely) bloody annoying. This is where communal dining pretty much saves the day: I get to eat all the things without inciting the wrath of my eating buddy and nobody gets food envy. Win.

So when my lovely friend suggested we try Filipino restaurant, Lutong Pinoy in Earl's Court, I was definitely down. 

Filipino Food at Earl's Court
Glorious. We ordered talapia, pork, beef and chicken, and it came beautifully laid out on a banana leaf on a bed of rice, and granished with sweet mango chunks and refreshing cucumber. Honest to God, all of us were stunned into silence when it came out. 

Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court
The food is traditionally eaten with the hands, which we were totally happy to do. Coming from a Nigerian household, eating with my hands was no biggie at all, and it made grabbing food much more simple.

I didn't enjoy the fish too much, as I like my talapia spicy, but I loved everything else. The chicken was tender, the pork full of flavour and the beef just right. You can opt for the fork option if you don't want to end up with rice going all over you - I ended up with rice grains in my bra.
Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court
Once we got over the awesomeness of the food (ugh), conversation turned to what most twentiesomethings like obsess over. We complained about intrusive parents, annoying colleagues, misbehaving ex/potential boyfriends. We laughed about everything under the sun, all the while glugging down the suspiciously affordable wine. 
Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court
My precious friend is in love. She glows and it's so beautiful to see.
Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court
We parted ways at 11ish, deciding it was a schoolnight, so it would be damn irresponsible to stay out any longer. I'm still not used to sleeping before 1am, even though I get up at 7am for work. I should worry about not getting enough sleep, right? According to those ads on telly, women who don't get enough sleep will have to spend 45% of their income after their 30s on time-reversing anti-wrinkle potions. I'll risk it.
Filipino Food at Earl's Court Filipino Food at Earl's Court

We hopped on the tube home and made everyone on our carriage giggle about this rather shocking news story