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1&2 Me, before work on my second day wearing a crinkled blouse. I HATE ironing 3 the sexiest salad ever from Leon 4 Last of the autumn sunshine

First week of my internship down! How did it go? Well, everyone is really good. And really smart. And really bloody on the ball. I feel an absolute imposter in all honesty - most times feeling (and probably appearing) as though I just wandered in absent-mindedly off the street. My dress code is all about Doing Entirely the Absolute Least, which sometimes means I think very little about the, er, appropriateness of what I'm wearing. This can vary between donning a grey t shirt, Dr Martens and my biker, to neon pink trousers and heels.

Still, it seems I've managed to trick everyone on my team that I actually have more than one brain cell and am capable of doing serious work (gasp!). I get to bury my head in history books all day, researching, occasionally popping up to unapologetically wade into office banter and private jokes. I cannot wait to pull the wool over their eyes further and do other cool stuff.

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