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Of late, I've been consciously breaking out of being a 'Lazy Londoner': sticking only to restaurants bars and shops that I know.  So I ventured to the much talked about Brixton Village with mon chere amie for after work dinner and gripes. I won't lie, I found it strange to be in the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan areas of London, yet I was sat down and surrounded by a pretty narrow demographic of people... but that's for another post, eh?

We dined at Bukowski which as all dim lighting and loud music. Chezza ordered a burger which I can't recall the name of but consisted of a fried egg, minced avocado, cheese and a medium to well beef patty. That pretty much stole the show - I ordered beef ribs accidentally (I thought I'd be getting pork ones) and I'm sad to say I did regret it. I'm not the biggest lover of red meat, so I found the beef dry and a repetitive after a bit. I saved it with embarrassing amounts of sauce left for us on the table and the Tobacco Onions (Thinly sliced onions floured, sprinkled with our spice mix, and fried). The chilli cheese fries were also a pleasure.

On the whole, I totally recommend it - the prices were decent (about £25 including wine, main and a 'spiked' milkshake and they don't do dessert). They have a branches in Shoreditch and in Brixton Village, so pop down if you want some good grub.

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