First Day

All Saints biker, Zara white shirt, Weekday Thursday jeans, Dr Marten shoes
I won't lie, for about 5 minutes on waking up, I completely forgot it was the first day of my new job - weeks of waking up at 7:30am only to enjoy the luxury of catching up on anything I may have missed (God forbid) in the 6 hours I lay dead to the world had become a habit. Then I got that sharp, feeling - you know when the bottom of your stomach turns inside out and decides to suddenly fall out of your arse? Yeah, that.

I wanted to be comfortable on my first day as a Production Trainee, so I stuck to my unfailing uniform of chic simplicity (read: I wanted to feel comfortable, so I wore the laziest, fail-safe no-shit-Sherlock get-up which took no imagination at all i.e. Doing Entirely the Absolute Least. Luckily, this only applies to how I dress and not important things like, you know my actual life).

I managed to stare awkwardly at just about anyone that glanced my way, I failed at fighting the urge to stupidly grin at anything that stood still long enough, spilled miso soup on my button down shirt and spent an afternoon grappling with setting up my bloody wifi account. (Totally failed on that front).

It was a good first day.

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