Lykke Li x & Other Stories

I've harped on about my unfailing love for Scandi stores on this here blog before, but clearly my passion knows no bounds; because here I am, again, glued to my laptop like a woman possessed, pawing at my laptop screen and cursing the fact that money doesn't grow on trees (like we can put a man on the moon, but we haven't solved this issue?).

Lykke Li is well loved by Cherish and I (Chez first introduced her to me when I was a gangly 18-year-old) and we spent many a night in, warbling terribly to her tunes.

Years later, she's still going strong musically (unlike us) and now, she's collaborated with & Other Stories to create on of the most beautimous collections I've seen in a while.

Bloody Beautiful.

- J x

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  1. you should check out Weekday too, if you haven't already (weekday.com). also a part of the H&M concern.