Jennifer's (Not Actually That) Dirty Birthday Weekender

Birthday season continues to steamroller ahead with the celebration of one of my dearest friend's bornday this weekend. We took a girly trip - 7 of us in total - to Brighton.



Got told we were a 'strong group' right before we got this photo taken. No chance of us blending in with the locals, then.


Discovering the joys of the selfie stick - It's so awful I need one in my life like a week ago.

We spent the day ambling around the city and our 2 evenings taking part of the city's nightlife. I managed to make a complete tit of myself both nights (nothing new) - I'm just not the wallflower type, m'kay?

P1015158 P1015167 P1015183
P1015182 P1015185

We popped into Scoop and Crumb for some award-winning ice cream. I had the Honeycomb one, which was lovely - until I got to the salty honeycomb chunks. I actually had to throw away ice cream. I never throw away ice cream.

P1015177 P1015178 P1015193 P1015229 P1015194 P1015207 P1015204

Highlights of the trip:
  • Fresh Fish n Chips
  • Being mistaken for Freshers when all of us are well into our twenties
  • Committing social media suicide by stalking someone at 4 am and accidentally liking their profile picture.
  • Losing my shit when Hot N**** came on and Shamoney-ing so hard the DJ gave me a shoutout #GetOutDaTrapHouse
  • Continuing to lose my shit and act a damn fool when none of my friends had the slightest idea what I was doing as they had never heard the song/seen the dance before.
All in all, a pretty good trip.

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