Look at This #2

Another hump day, another barrage off cool shit off the internets.

- Tommy Ton, the Don Dadda of Streetstyle photography took some pretty sickening shots at this year's Men Collections. I've pretty much stopped reading streetstyle and fashun blogs, but I'm glad I got over myself an flicked through these. So good.

'I watched my ex fall in love with someone else on Facebook'. Yeah, this is as heartbreaking as the title suggests. This is a perfect write up of a particular situation, yet on a macro level illustrates yet another dimension of the millenial experience: our infinite timelines showing us falling in love, breaking up and moving on. Real feelz.

- Do you follow Petra Collins on Instagram? If not, why? Steadily squirting pepper spray into the male gaze, she's the shit and she's pro all-women. Here's her contribution to the 'What Lies Beneath' project. 

Happy perusing!

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