'I love it here'

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On a deceptively bright summer evening (yay for the Northern Hemisphere!) I popped over the Chez's new digs in Peckham. I still can't believe how Peckham's reputation has changed so much from my teenage years; once feared as one of London's gangland strongholds, it's now full of artschool hipsters tripping on happy pills and super trendy creative types.

Meh, it'll always be the place where I used to beg mum to buy me Jamaican Patties after long, long Saturdays of food shopping, where big baskets of pungent foreign (sometimes alive) ingredients lined the streets.

dim sum-1214

Chez did her makeup using her super professional lighting and I skulked around her bedroom taking photos of her stuff.

dim sum-1219 dim sum-1223 dim sum-1227 dim sum-1230

After a long amble around the streets where we searched for somewhere to eat - how hard can it be to find dinner at 10:50pm!?!? - we found a nice little Dim Sum place.

dim sum-1237 dim sum-1239 dim sum-1240

We ordered endless Dim Sum and beers and caught up on work, boys and clothes because apparently we're teenage girls parading as grown ups.

dim sum-1242 dim sum-1243 dim sum-1244 dim sum-1246

We finally left after we got kicked out at midnight for a night of dancing and debauchery.

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