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Pret a Manger sells a wonderful gluten free, dairy free, low fat, no calorie (ha! I jest) porridge made with whole oats, quinoa, flaxseed, chia seeds, amaranth and coconut water.

This porridge is £2.65.

2.65 x 5 = 13.25. 

I cannot afford to spend £13.25 a week (£53 a month) on porridge. Instead, I make do with porridge made with water bought from the office canteen and salvaged seasoned with maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and sprinkled with raisins.

On the weekends, I treat myself to my very own homemade version of the Pret Posh Porridge. 


I ran out of quinoa (dear God, who am I) so I had to simply make do with oats, but I used coconut water to make mine and embellished it with a trail mix from my local Tescos and some brown sugar. Sprinkled with surely one of the best spice combos in human consciousness (the aforementioned cinnamon and nutmeg) this hits the spot every time.

I almost don't miss the Pret porridge. Almost. 

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