Packed Lunch | (Sort of) Thai Green Curry

Due to my long term struggle with Acute Severe Delusions of Grandeuritis, I've had to look at better ways of being able to afford my life, as eating at restaurants 3 times a week, purchasing tickets to That Really Cool Thing That I Absolutely Cannot Miss, and the o(ften)dd Asos splurge really isn't all that sustainable. 

Enter, the packed lunch. I've always made some sort of attempt at packing a lunch, but it's usually what ever left overs I find knocking about in the fridge. After one sorry experience that had me chucking some miserable grey matter in the bin and legging it to Itsu to bury my face in a vegetable potsu, I thought I had better try harder at this lunch malarkey. 

I do love a good warm lunch, so no doubt a spicy curry dish would hit the spot.

Vegetable Thai Curry Vegetable Thai Curry Vegetable Thai Curry Vegetable Thai Curry Vegetable Thai Curry

I used sea salt, tumeric, Chinese Five Spice, Curry leaves, coriander seeds to season. Coconut oil to fry, and coconut milk for the curry-ness.

As you can see, this wasn't a strict curry recipe as I pretty much stuck to what I had in the fridge save for a few bits I had to buy. It's actually pretty good and does a great job and lubricating the godforsaken husks of joy that brown rice grains are.


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