Travel | Amsterdam Day 3

By now, we were definitely flagging: we'd been partying (hard) every single night and walked at least 20,000 steps a day. Slight exaggeration, but God it felt like it.

During our days spent getting lost in the canals, we had many close shaves with death by cyclist, so of course we wanted to join in the fun. I mean, how could not come to Amsterdam and indulge in the locals delights? 5 perpetually hungover tourists on bikes, how bad could it be?

We arrived at the bike hire shop and promptly spent 45 mins arguing - "I'm not sure guys, I don't think I can do this" / "What?? It'll be fun, cycling is great, what's the worst that could happen?".

We eventually got our shit together, and waited for Holly (the Organiserer of Everything) to pick our bikes. Yewa hopped on a moped and looked cute as.   Jacquie Otag Blog

We eventually hopped on our bikes, and looked cute as.

Jacquie Otag Blog
Jacquie Otag Blog

After losing her for a bit, Holly lead us to a market 20 minutes away. We were so excited to be there, probably due to sheer relief at having not being knocked over by a tram.

Jacquie Otag Blog

We then ate everything we could lay our hands on.

Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog

After we'd pretty much had starters, a main and a dessert, we cycled off home. I can still taste the warm Stroopwafels now if I just think hard enough...

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