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Day two started off sore and slightly tender, most definitely due to our terribly smart decision to go out partying with less that 3 hours sleep between us. We were on holiday, and we bravely took on the self-appointed challenge to play the eager tourist and the hedonistic thrill-seeker. It was pretty impossible to walk around Amsterdam without happily snapping a photo of every bloody canal I saw - before I knew it, my camera was packed with semi-identical photos of terribly unarty shots of waterways lined with bikes. Whilst it was still freezing, the sunshine was welcome, and we felt as though we had fallen (hazily) into a postcard.

Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog
Jacquie Otag Blog

Patting ourselves on the back for our amazing efforts at being nailing the Eager-Tourist-Hedonist title, we settled down for a snack at a local cafe. Frankly, I refuse to call it breakfast if there are no eggs, and brunch if avocados aren't present. What can I say, I'm a woman with principles. It was tasty all the same and we inhaled our crepes at lightening speed.

Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog

My girl Yewa, with a rainbow on her face... she's literally magic. The love we had for one another was off the scale by this point, we all felt like we were on a massive, adult slumber party.

Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog

After a visit to the Amsterdam sign, the Rembrandt museum and losing ourselves in the Amsterdam backstreets, we finally found our way to Wolvenstraat 23 restaurant. It was in the 9 Streets part of Amsterdam and we were promptly told by the bubbly girls next to us that it was rare for tourists to be in this part of town. Our chests swelled with how insufferably cool we were and we ordered some grub.
Jacquie Otag BlogJacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog Jacquie Otag Blog

The decor was decadent yet sophisticated at the same time, as was the food. the cocktails were just right and that night I chose to be a proper grown up and decide my go-to cocktail would be the Moscow Mule. The service was absolutely abysmal though, and after waiting 20 minutes between each individual dish to arrive per person (we ordered them to come at once), having our re-taken 3 times, the waitress imply we ate too much ("usually people order 3 dishes and share it, never this much food") and having an extra dish added to our bill that we didn't ask for, we were pretty jaded. The front of house gushed her apologies and offered us a free cocktail each, and we immediately forgave them. Well, I did anyways. What can I say, I'm a woman with few principles.

Bellies full and slightly tipsy we made off home to plan our second night out on the town.

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  1. I would expect people in Amsterdam to have big appetites but what do I know