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Had the pleasure of shooting on location this week - my first ever time in my new job! It was a damn early start - 5.30am - but my sheer excitement eradicated any tiredness I may have had. I was bouncing off the walls so much, I couldn't even eat my bloody breakfast, which was a totally stupid idea. I got to visit a part of the UK I had never ventured to before, which was so stunning I almost gave up my Unashamedly Proud to be a Londoner and Rejecter of All Things Outside of the M25 Badge.


After nervously checking for Wifi at the top of a cliff, and cursing the universe that there was no signal and thus updating my Snapchat story was impossible, I realised it would be a while until the country lifestyle would actually be for me. Also: animal poo. Everywhere.
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Weekday scarf and coat, Pieces ankle boots, Monki denim shirt, Mac lippie in Taupe.
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Friday evening was for searching for appropriate outdoor wear (we own so many clothes, but how much of it is actually helpful for life?!?) because somehow, my All Saints biker wasn't the best at battling the elements. I had a fruitless time in H&M and resorted to mirror selfies in my new love, my Weekday Coat. Bowing under the sheer frustration, I met with my lovely Evil Hipster, Cherish for some Chicken Liquor in Brixton Village. SO good. I had the Thai chicken wings, full of flavour yet with that satisfying fried chicken crust which is exactly how I wanted to clog up my arteries. I'm ridiculous, so I had mine with champagne. Obviously.
2014-11-23 03.28.14 1
All Saints biker, Vans leather SK8 Hi, Reiss Trousers, & Other Stories Bag, Zara Jumper
2014-11-23 04.05.50 1
Sunday was for the Southbank, one of my favourite spots in my hometown.

Jacquie xxx

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